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American Jewel Yummy Gummy Scented Backpacks & Gummy Bracelets ~ Review


Excerpt from Emily Reviews:


For our review, we received two Yummy Gummy Scented Backpacks in Cotton Candy Ombre and Tie Dye. These patterns are so fun and bright. They are perfect for little girls.

When Yummy Gummy Backpacks are being produced, Yummy Delicious scents are added to the silicone mix. This produces a unique line of bags with a sweet scent. Yummy Gummy Backpacks are scented in cotton candy, watermelon, bubble gum, Hawaiian ice and pink lemonade. These backpacks smell like your walking through your favorite candy shop.

Yummy Gummy Backpacks are made with durable supple silicone. They are water and stain resistant and can be easily wiped clean…perfect for little girls.

Yummy Gummy Backpacks come with a special treat, an adjustable Gummy Bracelet adorned with an American Jewel! Now she can accessorize with her Yummy Gummy Backpack and Yummy Gummy Bracelet!

Savannah received the Tie Dye backpack. I asked her why she liked her backpack and she said because it was unique. She has never seen anything like it. None of her friends or classmates has a backpack with a similar look.

Cheyenne has the Cotton Candy Ombre backpack. She said she likes her backpack because it smells so good!

Yummy Gummy Backpacks and Yummy Gummy Bracelets are fun accessories for little girls. My daughters carry their backpacks everywhere.

Buy It: Please visit the American Jewel website to see the great selection of products they offer.


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